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University of Minnesota

Economic Impact.

Facts at a Glance

* Information accurate for fiscal year 2010. *

State investment in the U of M pays off.

The U of M is a major contributor to Minnesota's economy.

0.7B direct impact, 0.8B indirect or induced impact, 1.5B total impact.


The U of M provides good jobs and helps create jobs across the state.

alt="42,319 direct jobs, 37,178 indirect jobs, 79,497 total jobs."


Research at the U of M has a significant impact on Minnesota's economy.

The U of M educates the workforce that Minnesota needs to succeed in the 21st century.

Alumni of the U of M play a vital role in Minnesota's economy.

*According to alumni surveys, 2004-06.

4.1B direct impact, 4.5B indirect or induced impact, 8.6B total.